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    ICU to Marathon - Signed Copies In Time for the Holidays!

Who in their right mind would want to run a marathon after being nearly dead?

As funny as it is dramatic, ICU to Marathon - Diaries of a Nearly Dead Man by David Johndrow will capture your heart and inspire you to try harder, laugh more and maybe even pray.

Survivor of a rare and often deadly heart disease called Viral Myocarditis, David, candidly records his journey from the fear and desperation during his sickness to the emotional victory as he crosses the finish line - a testament of his faith and perseverance.

This is a story of survival and one of hope. It's also pretty darned funny, chock full of fastidious fitness and weight loss information, clad with passion, shrouded in mystery, and contains a number of completely authentic fabrications. There is even a whodunit and enough information on sex to make you smile.

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What can I say about ICU to Marathon: Diaries of a Nearly Dead Man? Words like witty, brilliant and genius come to mind...but since David hasn't sent me another check I'll have to stop there!

Seriously, this was one of the most encouraging and inspirational reads I've had the privilege of picking up in a while. Reading about how far David has come and what he has accomplished is nothing short of amazing. And add to this his story telling abilities and wit and you have a winner in this book. This is a must read for anyone who wants to make the "can't" in their life smaller!

Rev. Bobby Daniel, LA

This book has inspired me to become a better person both physically and mentally. Through humor and non-negotiable facts (can't argue the truth), this book proves that anything is possible when you put your mind to it! Now, time to put my running shoes on and show the world that I too can change my lifestyle!

Andrea Ortiz, M.Ed., FL

I can totally picture you as a kid, an average American boy eating your parents out of house and home, involved in all kinds of active sports and causing just enough trouble. Your stories are so colorful and energetic. Your candor and honesty are refreshing. I love it so far!

Holly Gaspar, CT

David's wit and intelligence in regard to his own journey back to good health will strike you right where you are standing. You will be awed by his drive and commitment to implement a healthy lifestyle and turn his life around. By sharing his message with humor, you will laugh your way back to good health too!

Carolann Slayton, CT

These first few chapters are a successful "tease" for your book - truthful, poignant, hilarious (hairy knees?!) - I can hear your true voice. I am excited to read the entire story.

Rock on David... rock on.

Mary Regula, IL

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Order a signed copy of the book!

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ICU 2 26.2

ICU to Marathon is the title of David's book which chronicles his journey from the Framingham Heart Center to training for his first marathon. PRE-ORDER...

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I run in memory of loved ones past, and to benefit those in the midst of the challenge. Feel free to Contact me, and I can dedicate a run or a race for someone you love.

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