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True Blue Virtual Office Assistance

Are you a small business in Metrowest or Cape Cod? Do you need a database or spreadsheet populated with data? Do you need financial information processing? Can you afford to tie up your staff for hours entering data?

Computers run nearly everything these days. Powerful machines can execute millions of operations per second and store staggering amounts of data on tiny hard drives. Of course, for these powerful machines to have any data to manipulate, information has to go from the physical world to the virtual world, where computers work their magic. That is where True Blue comes in. Whatever physical form your data is in now, I can put it into a computer for you. Outsourcing your data entry and word-processing requirements to professionals can potentially save your organization money and remove bottlenecks.

True Blue takes pride in providing organizations of all sizes a cost effective and efficient solution to managing their data entry and word processing workflow. I have the expertise and experience to handle any type of data entry assignment, for either short term or long term. This allows your enterprise to focus on your core business and grow without hiring additional personnel or leasing additional office space.

Why should I Outsource my Data Entry or Word Processing? Outsourcing certain projects will cut your operating cost and time. You do not have to perform interviews to hire temporary staff, provide them with desk space, equipment or training. With Outsourcing, the additional help is there when you need it and gone when you no longer require it.

Who should Outsource?
Just about everybody: from entrepreneurs in a home office to large business.

When should I Outsource?
When you are losing focus on your core business because you are too busy handling operations When you are facing a time, money and human resource crunch When you need to complete a specific project NOW!

Vir'tu'al : Designed so as to extend the potential of a finite system beyond its immediate limits.

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